Off to an interesting start!

5 06 2011

Ok so I need to tell you something about June in Austin.  It’s hot.  You shouldn’t leave your house after 10AM until about 7-8PM unless you’re planning on submerging yourself in water or drinking frozen drinks in the shade.  That being said, yesterday was over 100 and by the time it was cool enough for a movie outside, Jessica and I were falling asleep on the couch.  So we postponed to today.  At which point it rained for the first time in weeks!!!  We will definitely watch our backyard movie but if you were worried about summer fun getting a late start… we did go swimming yesterday and spent the day today working on a new/rad puzzle! 

Tomorrow we’re off to SeaWorld as our Jar of fun activity and the Jacobsons will be joining us!  Can’t wait!

Summer 2011 Jar of Fun! Day 1

4 06 2011

Today is the first day of summer for us Texas teachers and thus begins our summer jar of fun 2011!

We’ve spent the morning adding some new fun activities to spruce up our jar from last summer and then Jessica picked our first summertime fun activity:  BACKYARD MOVIE!!  We’ll be setting up shop and watching some undecided movie after the heat of the day has passed.  While our summer didn’t start until today, 100+ weather’s been here for a few weeks, just waiting to torture us.  😉

Today: Madlibs of our Relationship

16 08 2010

This activity is based off the infamous Wedding Madlibs of 2009 for Mike and Liz.  They asked their guests to bring something to share with them on their wedding day.  While many people spoke from the heart, sang songs, or read inspirational poems about love… we wrote a silly madlibs.  I would like to point out that Liz’s MOM spoke the controversial “bodily function ending in ‘ing'”.  I would also like to point out that she’s a gynecologist.  And I would like to point out that queefing is the actual term….  my deepest apologies to Liz’s grandmother!  😉

Anyways, we’ll be writing our own madlibs.  Since our anniversary is on Wednesday, we’re going to write them today but fill them in during dinner for our anniversary.  =)  Nothing like good laughter to remind you that 7 (yes SEVEN) whole years has truly been worth it!

Yesterday: Pool Party

16 08 2010

In honor of my birthday, we had a pool party at Jeff’s yesterday.  I have to say that it’s super fun to watch grown adults having races in the pool, jumping contests, etc.  A long extension cord and blender with delicious fruity concoctions didn’t hurt the situation either.  Thanks to everyone for coming!  We should have pool parties every day!

The day before tomorrow: Try a work out video

11 08 2010

When I was on Star, Shannie and I worked out to a Jillian Michaels video.  I came home motivated and bought a boxed set!  Jessica and I tested it out today, and Buddy even tried out one of the excersizes!  The cats were lazier, they just watched.  =)

HEB, where’s your coffee ice cream?

11 08 2010

It took 15 minutes of searching to find coffee ice cream at the grocery store.  In the end, we got a small container of Starbucks coffee ice cream and a small Ben and Jerry’s flavor that had coffee in it.  We decided to do a taste test… which ended in us just making one batch and splitting it.  I did fill two small shot glasses so that when we get around to our second batch, we can report back as to which type of ice cream was better!  If you’ve never had a BGF, I highly recommend it!

The Day After Yesterday: Bailey’s Guinness Frappes

10 08 2010

The perfect end to a 100+ degree day is clearly a Bailey’s Guinness Frappe.  Recipe: Coffee ice cream, bailey’s irish cream, cold guinness beer.  Pour in what seems to be the appropriate amount and blend.  Be careful not to drink too much!  It’s so yummy!